[tpm] will a pre-built (for Solaris 10) perl distribution work onSolaris 8?

Indy Singh indy at indigostar.com
Mon Jul 16 09:12:52 PDT 2012


In my experience Solaris binaries are pretty portable across different versions of the OS. I use Solaris 9 to create my binaries.

A Perl build will search for various libraries and link to them.  If the same libraries are missing from the target machine then it will complain about missing libraries on the target machine.  If you run into this issue, you can force the build to only use a smaller subset of available libraries.

Also it is not hard to install GCC and tools.

If you want to do a quick test of a pre-built Perl installation, try downloading and installing Perl2Exe for Solaris.  The Perl2Exe download comes with a self-contained copy of a Perl binary along with Perl2Exe. You can just ignore the Perl2Exe part. The binary is designed to allow installation in any directory, it uses just one directory, does not scatter files in other directory.  It does not require root permission for installation.

Here are the steps:
Download one of the installation tarballs from indigostar.com.
Untar in your home directory
cd into the perl2exe directory
run ./setup
The Perl binary will be in ~/perl2exe/perl5/bin
Add this directory to your PATH environment variable

I am assuming that the hardware is SPARC.  If the hardware is Intel and you can get a copy of Solaris 8 installation disks then you have the option to install Solaris in a virtual machine for testing and development.

Indy Singh
IndigoSTAR Software -- www.indigostar.com

From: Fulko Hew 
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 11:41 AM
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Subject: [tpm] will a pre-built (for Solaris 10) perl distribution work onSolaris 8?

As the subject line asks...

Does anyone know if a Perl distribution built for Solaris 10
will install and work on Solaris 8?

I've got people who have some systems still running on Solaris 8,
but its Perl is really really old (5.00503) and they need something
'a little newer' to be able to run my app.

They'd prefer to install a binary distribution;
especially since their Solaris 8 machine might not have all
of the development tools required to build a newer Perl.

Comments anyone ?


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