[tpm] tablet programming

Tom Legrady legrady at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 13:51:35 PDT 2012

A friend is working on an art installation involving tablets.

There will be two large monitors showing video, and a number of tablets on
which visitors can view individual pieces. The rough idea is that the
program looks in the video directory and sees there are N videos available
to present, and it displays a grid of options. Maybe there's a jpeg to go
with each video, to populate the grid, or maybe just a few words of text.
During the show, the count is static, but maybe the next time the piece is
shown, some video clips are added or removed.

Visitors can select a piece to view from the grid, or, after perhaps 30
seconds, the program selects one at random to play. At the end of the
video, it returns to the grid.

Has anyone been working with tablets and has the know-how to implement such
a system? The Perl program would be under 100 lines, but I haven't used the
Android Perl system ... well, maybe a bit extra for window configuration,

Tom Legrady
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