[tpm] Renaming the Freshwater-Perl org on Github

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+1 for the forethought on the hierarchy.  :-) Convention over configuration.

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On 2011-11-17, at 2:20 PM, arocker at vex.net wrote:

> Why not toronto-pm? (It would save some typing.)
>>>> As part of that, I think we should rename the account so that it
>>>> better reflects the group rather than an event which has not (yet)
>>>> happened.
> How much extra effort would be involved in creating a new account? If the
> event happens, wouldn't it be convenient to have separate accounts?

It's not a huge amount of effort, but the event would fall under Toronto PerlMongers anyway.  The beauty of orgs is that you can establish different teams.  So, if the event requires us to give special rights to people outside of TPM, you just set up a team for the event, a team of the web site etc.  This way you're managing one account with many teams rather than many accounts with individual teams.  Each project within the org has its own wiki etc.  I think the hierarchy makes sense:

TPM -> web site
         -> Freshwater::Perl
         -> Other projects, hackathons etc

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