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Todd Rinaldo toddr at cpanel.net
Fri May 13 07:13:19 PDT 2011

exim is a good choice. It comes with out of the box configuration to get you up quick and is very customizable. It's also continues to be actively maintained..


On May 13, 2011, at 8:51 AM, Fulko Hew wrote:

> Sorry for the off topic (non-Perl) question...
> I'm setting up a Linux (Fedora) system here at work for 'other' reasons, but...
> I'd like to also support mailing lists with: archives, search, web access...
> (and maybe web 'forums' to?).
> Can anyone recommend their favorite packages for both MTAs and list support ?
> (The simpler the better, lest my head explode.)
> Fulko

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