[tpm] Rochesterian looking for ride to YAPC::NA

Brian Gernhardt benji at silverinsanity.com
Tue Jun 14 08:47:11 PDT 2011

Greetings Mongers!

My name is Brian Gernhardt and I'm a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  As part of Google Summer of Code, I'm working on Parrot (the VM underneath Rakudo, one of the larger Perl 6 implementations).  A friend and I are planning on heading down to YAPC::NA to meet up with some of the people I'm working with for the summer.  I met some people in Buffalo.PM and none of them were planning on making the trip, but did suggest that I see if anyone from farther north were planning on driving through Buffalo on their way down.

I was curious to know if anyone was interested in carpooling.  We could meet up in Buffalo and help split costs.  I am trying to stay for a hackathon the day after the conference (June 30th), so am looking to come back on July 1st.

(We already have a room, just looking for a ride.)

~~ Brian

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