[tpm] off-topic: debugging web apps on tablet browsers

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 08:43:55 PDT 2011

This is off-topic, but someone may have encountered similar
situations in the Perl lives.

I decided to try my old web-app on my new tablet computer
(A Barnes & Noble Nook Color, running Cyanogen mod 7
which is Android 2.3.4)

I've tried a variety of browsers, without much success.

Firefox 5.0
Dolphin 5.1.0
Opera 11.10...
built-in browser

The only one that seems to work is Opera.
The rest have varying degrees of work-iness.
For example:

Firefox:  Doesn't show me the whole screen and won't let me scroll or select
Dolphin:  Some tables don't show up (some do)
Built-in: Scrolling around on pages only works when 'zoomed in'.
Opera:    Seems to work fine.

But I don't seem to have problems with any of these browsers
on 'other' web sites.  So I'd like to know what I'm doing
differently that's causing these browsers grief.
Any suggestions for how to accomplish that (besides stripping
my app back down to the bare minimum, and building it back
up on each browser till I find out what breaks them?)

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