[tpm] Usage Based Billing - What you should know..

Jim Graham james.a.graham at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 13:36:14 PST 2011

Water, electricity and natural gas are scarce resources. If I use some unit of electricity, water or gas, you are prevented from using it. That is not the case with Gb of "download" units. I download a copy of a file, you download a copy of the same file.

There's some argument that infrastructure needs capacity to allow for more or larger downloads. However, the rates being set by Bell (and eyed by Rogers and Shaw) are completely out of whack with their actual costs. The monopoly granted to Bell early in the telephone era is supposed to be offset by the CRTC; they are supposed to look out for consumers in this case. Unfortunately, they rolled over and screwed us.

- Jim

On 2011-01-31, at 4:22 PM [ Jan31], Neil Watson wrote:

> The last mile monopoly in Canada is certainly a problem.  However, the
> idea of usage billing is not a bad one.  It works for water, electricity
> and natural gas.
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