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This month's meeting is coming up on Thursday, see http://to.pm.org for details.

I would find it interesting if we made some record of the discussion, the areas I am thinking about are:

 * Interview techniques from the Company side
 * Interview techniques from the Prospective Employee side
 * What should / shouldn't be said or put in a resume
 * Identifying good companies (before it's too late)
 * Identifying make or break characteristics

Some of my opinions about work are influenced by Peopleware http://www.dorsethouse.com/books/pw.html and some of my thoughts about management are influenced by Lucy Kellaway's humorous podcasts from the Financial Times.

In a recent podcast Lucy Kellaway suggested that there are some simple criteria for sussing out a good employer.  The employer:

1) Makes sure that everyone has a proper job to do
2) Pays people fairly
3) Makes employees feel that their efforts are recognized
4) Gives employees nice people to work with

The simplest way to see if a company is doing that is maybe to see how long people stay at the job (ignoring departures in the first couple of years and forced departures).

See you on Thursday, and afterwards at the Spotted Dick.


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