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Date: Thu 24 Feb 2011 18:45 EST
Venue: Global Knowledge (room E on 12th floor)
Topic: Work and Play
Chairman: Mike Stok

This month's topic is Perl and work. Perl we know and love, and there are many ways we can use it for “work”.

This meeting is a moderated discussion about Perl and its interaction with work, Perl coders looking for and applying for jobs, people working for orgainzations looking for Perl coders, Perl people looking at complementary technologies which help get a job.

For some a job is a regular salaried “9 to 5” affair with defined benefits and vacation; for others it's consulting and the risks and rewards of finding customers and building relationships. For some people “work” might not even come into contact with Perl at all. How does someone know what they want from a job?

What are good interview techniques from the perspective of interviewers and interviewees? What interview war stories do people have - from either side of the divide?

What are the surprises and dissappointments from jobs people have had in the Toronto area? What do you really want from a job?

After the meeting we will go to the Spotted Dick at 81 Bloor Street East.       

More information at http://to.pm.org


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