[tpm] Usage Based Billing - What you should know..

daniel at benoy.name daniel at benoy.name
Tue Feb 1 10:48:27 PST 2011

> Let me be perfectly clear, I am getting LESS now than before. I was
> limited before and now I've been limited multiple orders of magnitude 
> or
> forced to pay much more to not even reach pre-UBB allowance.

 <devils_advocate>Until the recent decision, third party wholesale ISPs 
 like Teksavvy paid a flat rate per subscriber.  Bell and Rogers would 
 argue that a flat rate allows them to escape much of the costs of 
 providing service, if the customer is a bandwidth abuser.  The recent 
 CRTC decision, they would say, only allows them to charge a fair rate 
 for bandwidth use and prevent third party providers from becoming a safe 
 haven for bandwidth abusers at the expense of Bell and 

 Of course, that argument doesn't invalidate the evidence that they're 
 vastly overcharging, and if bandwidth truly costs that much on their 
 network, then their network is antiquated garbage.  Perhaps rather than 
 maintaining their equipment, they decided to keep the same crap and just 
 charge punitive rates whenever someone transfers more than 25 gigs in a 

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