[tpm] sending email from cgi on windows

Tom Legrady legrady at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 12:00:18 PST 2011

My brother is moving a simple web site for someone, but while he is
competent handling HTML, he doesn't program. I developed a simple CGI
script to email the contents of the form .... not expected to be large
volume, but it will be information that needs to be incorporated into the
history being presented, along with pictures and such  files to be added.

The script worked fine on my website and on my brother's, but arriving to
the server actually being used, it's a windows machine ( so I changed the
#! as instructed ); they won't let me do more that ftp up the file. They
don't have sendmail. How can I send mail from a  windows machine using
MIME-Lite, without having local sendmail. All mail will be going to one

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