[tpm] October meeting speaker(s) wanted

Mike Stok mike at stok.ca
Thu Sep 30 08:34:07 PDT 2010

I am out of stand-bys for the October meeting.  Dave Doyle will have his postponed lightning talk, so I'm looking for a few good people to step forward with something as the main attraction for October.

Some of the things Boston.pm have on their potentials list are:

  - "Dtracing Perl"
  - debate inside out objects and various Class modules
  - deeper exploration of 5.12 and Modern/Enlighten Perl?
  - our standing default topic is now Config::Std workshop.
  - Your YAPC/PPW/... presentation rehearsal or reprise

If this helps any of you think of something to present in October or November them please let me know.

I'll add a "possible topics" page to the tpm web site to record stuff like this.



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