[tpm] [JOB] Sr Software Engineer Ad Serving/BI

Li Sen lsen at looksmart.net
Tue Oct 19 11:10:12 PDT 2010


LookSmart is a public company located in San Francisco that builds and 
manages ad networks.  We're looking for a strong Perl senior software 
engineer to either join our ad serving or business intelligence 
engineering teams.  If you are interested in:

-projects that deal with data sets in the billions per day (ad requests 
for ad serving and log lines in BI) and where performance is measured in ms

-rapid release cycles (e.g. weekly) that rely heavily on automated testing

-working with team mates that are highly technical and team-focused

-having perltidy and Perl::Critic as gating factors in code check-ins 
(of course, configurations for both are reasonable)

We may have a position for you.

Some qualifications:

-Strong Perl and UNIX system programming skills (in Perl or C)

-Experience developing scalable HPC applications and dealing with 
extremely large data sets (1 billion or more transactions per day)

-Experience in solving complex technical problems of significant scope

-Experience developing and operating Perl-based data warehousing/ETL 
applications against very large relational databases, especially Oracle

-Experience in web/click stream analysis

-Experience with test automation, UNIX admin, and distributed systems

If the above sounds like what you are looking for, please email me your 
cover letter and/or resume, preferably in text format.


Director of Engineering, Ad Serving and BI

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