[tpm] Q: Which modules to use for mirroring a Windows tree, robustly and securely

Stuart Watt stuart at morungos.com
Tue Oct 5 09:12:44 PDT 2010

  I use File::Copy::Recursive, but it doesn't work fully.

Are you safe from long (> 256 character) pathnames and files containing 
non-ASCII characters? These are a nightmare on Windows (possible, but 
with dirty tricks internally), and as far as I can tell, Perl doesn't 
like them anyway. I am planning to make some Perl patches to handle 
long/UTF-8 pathnames transparently on Windows.

Apart from these issues, File::Copy::Recursive isn't bad. But it isn't 
mirroring, I suppose.

I did find that the Windows shell command (essentially what happens when 
you drag a folder) is available in Win32::FileOp, and you might find 
that worth exploring. I haven't looked into more sophisticated mirroring 
options, but would be interested to hear anybody else's experiences.


On 10/5/2010 12:04 PM, J Z Tam wrote:
> Just need to make sure that one Windows Server subDirectory tree is 
> exactly the same as another server's subDirectory with the same 
> hierarchy and names.
> I'm thinking perhaps this is easier to automate in cygwin, and forget 
> about perl... but open to feedback.
> I can relax permissions and ACL's during the mirroring process, and 
> re-apply afterwards.
> Thoughts?
> /jordan
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