[tpm] proposal: Toronto Perl Workshop

Daniel Magnuszewski dmagnuszewski at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 17:06:14 PDT 2010

On behalf of Buffalo Mongers (I'll forward this along to our list as well) I 
think this is a great idea. I wouldn't mind doing this over the winter.


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Sent: Mon, October 4, 2010 7:15:51 PM
Subject: [tpm] proposal: Toronto Perl Workshop

I'm going to the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop for the weekend, and I'm jealous.

I want Toronto to have an event of it's own. After all, it IS the center of the 

Actually, my goals are more modest, as I mentioned at last week's meeting. My 
idea is to hold a one-day event, some Saturday. I see it as an opportunity to 
bring together the Buffalo, KW and Toronto groups, to meet the people, find out 
what their interests are. At the meeting there was interest in having two 
streams, one room for presentations, one room for hackathons.

Is there interest in something like this? I know there are some people on the 
mail list from KW, and I think from Buffalo as well. I seem to remember from 
Lindsay doing a presentation a while back, I think it was on using a serial port 
to have literal lights announcing problems.

I'm thinking it would take a little organization even for a casual affair, 
probably not feasible before Christmas. Winter? or better to hold off till March 
or April, when civilization returns to the outdoors?

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