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I'm forwarding this message from O'Reilly, it's in HTML and it's about Perl certification.  I know.

Ducks for cover.


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Perl Programming Certificate
“...it is obvious that all O'Reilly School of Technology teachers are pros. Besides that, the courses are done perfectly. They emphasize the important concepts and contain 'no fluff'.” –Kent Elchuk
The Perl Programming Certificate will take you from a beginning level to advanced programming during this four-course series. Well-known Perl trainer Peter Scott (author of Perl Medic, Perl Debugged, and Perl Fundamentals) will lead you through:

Exception handling
Multiprocessing & complex data structures
Web page scraping & HTML parsing
Email creation
Database interaction
Web form handling
Using the power of CPAN: the largest repository of open-source scripting code in the world.
To develop the mental model many people lack, you will learn not only how to use regular expressions, but how they work. This course follows best practices for creating the most maintainable code, and teaches skills that are predominantly portable across all platforms running Perl.

Completion of the 4-course series earns students a Certificate of Professional Development from the University of Illinois.

Save 25% on the Certificate Series

Offer expires 11/30.
On your own time,
at your own pace 
O'Reilly Ebooks Included:
Learning Perl, Fifth Edition
Programming Perl, Third Edition
Perl Cookbook, Second Edition
Advanced Perl Programming, Second Edition
Spreading the knowledge of innovators
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