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Adam Prime adam.prime at utoronto.ca
Wed Nov 10 07:20:39 PST 2010

This may or may not be entirely accurate, cause things have changed 
since i was there.

I had CS classes in:
Sidney Smith Hall
McLennan Physical Laboratories
Sandford Fleming Building

and problably others i've forgotten.

And since then they've built:
Bahen Centre for Information Technology

which is where most of the classes are now i think, and also where 
Damian's talks have been.


I wouldn't necessarily restrict to those buildings though, there are a 
lot of different varieties of spaces at U of T, not all of which would 
be a good layout for what we want to do.


On 10-11-10 10:11 AM, Olaf Alders wrote:
> I had a look at U of T's pricing for room rentals and it seems quite reasonable.  I can narrow down some room possibilities so that we can consider them at the next meeting, but there are a lot of buildings to choose from.  Does anyone know offhand which buildings are used by computer science etc?  I'm guessing they might have the better setups for projectors etc.
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