[tpm] Freshwater / next meeting

Olaf Alders olaf at vilerichard.com
Tue Nov 9 11:39:15 PST 2010

The next TPM meeting is about 2 weeks away.  Are there any items we want to have researched by then so that we can discuss them?  I would think, at the very least, we'll need to get some hard info about venues.  (I know Jordan has been looking into this).  Without a venue in place, it's hard to publicize the workshop.  Are there any other things we want to go over?  I've posted some possible conference dates on the Wiki.  Those would go hand in hand with the venue.  Our December social is quite early (the week following the November meeting), so that leaves quite a large gap between December and January meetings.  

So, I guess what I'm saying is that if there are issues which are best discussed in person, we should probably establish what those might be ASAP, so that we can cover them off in this calendar year.  

I would suggest creating issues on the Github tracker and then tagging them with your name (or Github username) if you want to take responsibility for any issue.  If you want to create an issue without taking ownership, that's good too.  I'm guessing that most venues are going to be booked well in advance, so if we're looking at an April date, we'll need to commit fairly soon.  If there's a deposit required, we'll need to figure that out as well.

I've created the first issue (venue/jordan). Feel free to add anything else which comes to mind.


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