[tpm] Freshwater Perl 2011 (was: Perl Workshop)

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Dear mongeren, 
I'll work forward on Venue, but I'll need to plan for a certain number of 

So, could we get some more feedback from the other cities' mongeren for a ball 
park headcount?
If not, I'll just go ahead and shoot the moon at a capacity of 100 geeks.

When:  this is _rather_ important, since it's tightly coupled with Where's 

I'll update github directly as a practice   

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On 2010-10-29, at 9:25 PM, James E Keenan wrote:

> Mark, can you explain what a github 'organization' is?  Is there a difference 
>between 'owners' of an organization and 'members'?  Is this something more than 
>a mailing list for the conference?
> Thank you very much.
> Jim Keenan

Hi Jim,

The idea was that rather than messing around with installing a Wiki, we could 
use Github as a hosted Wiki which we could all edit with minimal setup.  On that 
note, I've created a couple of bare bones pages in the Wiki, which need to be 
added to:


Phillip has posted a few thoughts on Git wikis which are helpful for getting 



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