[tpm] What does this line of Perl code mean?

Uri Guttman uri at StemSystems.com
Thu Mar 18 15:12:04 PDT 2010

>>>>> "IS" == Indy Singh <indy at indigostar.com> writes:

  IS> What does the following line of code mean and why is it needed?
  IS> local $SIG{__WARN__} = \&dirty;

dirty() is a boolean test so that does nothing other than to quiet
warnings. they may be triggered in the eval or even elsewhere in this
  IS> It is part of Acme::Bleach which is below.

  IS> For bonus points what is the purpose of $tie?

it is a whitespace marker that says whether this source file has been
bleached or not. dress() tests for it and whiten() prepends it to the
source. brighten (which unbleaches) removes the leading $tie.


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