[tpm] Introduction

Steve Bertrand steve at ipv6canada.com
Wed Jun 9 17:07:30 PDT 2010

On 2010.06.09 17:28, arocker at vex.net wrote:
>> I'm hoping to get involved face-to-face with people in the Perl
>> community now that more of my time is spent writing production-quality
>> code.
> Welcome to TPM.
> We're always happy to see new faces, especially from lovely, radioactive,
> Port Hope.


My girl works as a Health and Safety Officer (CRSP) at the conversion
facility. I assure you that if I ever make it to a meeting, the glow
that I will light up the room with will be due to my endless love for
Perl, and not because of radiation.

...besides, the extra eye, and the two extra fingers that have grown
since I moved here allow me to write code, manage the bug system and
keep my POD up-to-date simultaneously, at an alarmingly fast rate :)



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