[tpm] RFC: Which Centralized VCS[s] are you using now or in future?

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Fri Jul 9 00:37:44 PDT 2010

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On Thursday 08 Jul 2010 17:07:43 J Z Tam wrote:
> Dear mongeren,
> PREFACE: This is Not meant to start a dreaded asbestos contest, ... really.
> Just wanted to get a practical, experiential set of feedback from the list,
> regarding the planning of revisioning paradigms.
> Q1.  What global, centralized VCS are you _now_ using?  Pros, cons,
> perlAbleness, emacsAbleness (lispFullness ?), eclipseAble?

At the moment, I'm primarily using Subversion (for most of my stuff, possibly 
due to inertia), git (when I'm forced to use it - say for projects hosted at 
github), Mercurial (for "quick and dirty" version-this-directory-using-"hg 
init ."-stuff, for experimentation and for projects that are using it) and a 
bit of other version control systems such as CVS or Bazaar-NG.

Subversion is not distributed, but there's git-svn hgsubversion, the Bazaar 
svn plugin, etc. which are capable of treating it as a distributed backend (do 
not touch SVK, which is old and unmaintained). Some people are unhappy with 
branches and tags being directory copies, though I'm not too bothered about 
it. Subversion is pretty fast from my testing. 

I didn't encounter any problems specific to Perl - you can handle files as 
binary, or with your choice of LF/CRLF/native line ending, and while adding 
version control stamps and keywords (which git does not support - see 
keywords-subst ), and can version empty directories or trees of empty 
directories (which git and Mercurial cannot either), which is what I think is 
needed for Perl. ( I have yet to run into a VCS with which I had serious 
problems working on Perl and CPAN code).

I don't know how well Subversion support Emacs or Eclipse because I'm 
primarily using vim/gvim and it works fine with it. I know many people are 
using Emacs or Eclipse along with Subversion so it should not be a problem.

Before Subversion, I used CVS and had a little foray into BitKeeper (which you 
should not get anywhere near to due to the hostile behaviour of its parent 
company). More information about all that can be found here:


> Q2.  What was your Previous  VCS, and how did the migration/converion
> process go?

Migrating from CVS to Subversion is very easy thanks to the cvs2svn (now also 
cvs2git) framework.


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