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Mike Stok mike at stok.ca
Fri Jan 29 13:46:26 PST 2010

On Jan 29, 2010, at 4:38 PM, Stuart Watt wrote:

> Good to meet you folks last night!
> Anyway, a simple question: do any of you use a continuous integration system with Perl? I've used (and am using) Buildbot but I was wondering if there is one that is any better for Perly stuff. Getting nicely formatted test results out via Buildbot's Python code has been a little cumbersome, and I'd really like it to be neater.
> Or should I just build one?
> All the best
> Stuart

Ilia did a presentation on Hudson as a CI server about a year ago:

> Thursday, Feb 26 2009
> Location: Classroom 11 on the 8th floor 
> Speaker: Ilia Lobsanov 
> Continuous Integration (CI) for Perl Projects. 
> Description:
> We will look at the Test Anything Protocol (TAP). We will convert TAP output to JUnit format. Once in JUnit we can use a number of JVM based CI servers, like Hudson. The end goal is to see Rakudo Perl6 test suite on the Hudson web UI.

Some groups use it at work and it is a lot nicer than cruise control.

I haven't used it.



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