[tpm] January talk(s)

Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.es
Mon Jan 18 19:30:39 PST 2010

I can volunteer 10 minutes of:

Net::OpenID::Server and the subversion of OpenID


I'll talk about the structure of OpenID, and give an overview of the
protocol. As well I'll discuss how to use Net::OpenID::Server, how to
make sure it is running quickly. I'll discuss how to use OpenID to have
a non-identity. Then I'll discuss the hoops I had to jump through on
shared hosting to get it all working.


Mike Stok wrote:
> As we don't have any presentation lined up for this month, I'm asking
> for volunteers to spend five or ten minutes to show us some Perl related
> trick(s), tool(s), or module(s) of their choice.  Reasons for picking a
> module could include, but aren't limited to:
>   * It' s something you have found invaluable over the past year(s)
>   * It's the one solid module out of dozens which do the same thing, and
> you're glad you settled on it
>   * It's entertaining
>   * It has code which surprised or amazed you
>   * It changed the way you do Perl projects
>   * It changed the way you think about Perl
>   * It's a commonly used module, but you've discovered a neat trick
>   * etc.
> Think of the session as similar to lightning talks.
> Mike
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