[tpm] January talk(s)

Mike Stok mike at stok.ca
Fri Jan 15 04:56:03 PST 2010

As we don't have any presentation lined up for this month, I'm asking for volunteers to spend five or ten minutes to show us some Perl related trick(s), tool(s), or module(s) of their choice.  Reasons for picking a module could include, but aren't limited to:

  * It' s something you have found invaluable over the past year(s)
  * It's the one solid module out of dozens which do the same thing, and you're glad you settled on it
  * It's entertaining
  * It has code which surprised or amazed you
  * It changed the way you do Perl projects
  * It changed the way you think about Perl
  * It's a commonly used module, but you've discovered a neat trick
  * etc.

Think of the session as similar to lightning talks.



Mike Stok <mike at stok.ca>

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