[tpm] Hackathon or presentation format for Game Development with SDL perl

Kartik Thakore thakore.kartik at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 17:48:06 PST 2010


> On Feb 7, 2010, at 9:17 AM, Mike Stok wrote:
>> I think that there was misunderstanding about the term "hackathon",  
>> and maybe we (TPM) need to use a different term for a short "lab  
>> programming session". Usually hackathons are quite long sessions,  
>> and we would need to plan a little to make it a successful and  
>> rewarding event (location, supply of food / coffee / pop / beer...)
> I think that's a useful terminological distinction.  Toronto, to its  
> credit, has hosted at least *3* hackathons that I know of, each of  
> which took place at a time and place other than the usual monthly  
> to.pm meeting.
> We have also had to.pm monthly meetings that qualify as "lab  
> programming sessions," e.g., the "build Parrot and get to Hello  
> World" session we had in March 2008.
Where was this held? how mych did it cost? how long did it take to  
plan this?
> JIm Keenan
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