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Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.es
Wed Dec 15 08:23:28 PST 2010

Be very sure to read the reviews.

Context: I have a slow annoying Eken M001.

Battery life: The majority of these android tablets don't sleep! That is
they last 2-4 hours unplugged. Check the reviews to see if the device
can actually sleep or if it just runs out after 4 hrs of non-use.

One important aspect of a tablet is that it should be immediately
available. Android doesn't boot fast enough to make this happen so you
need to ensure it is asleep.

The storage is meaningless, you need an SD Card.

The memory, more is better. Android stinks. But 256mb is ok for it.

http://slatedroid.com is an ok start for info but amazon reviews are
generally good too.

Here are the general failures of the android tablets and what you need
to look out for, note that most are converted car GPS devices anyways.
* Unresponsive -- make sure users say it is good or better than
something else. It would be ipad responsive but it still be better than
M001. Most screens are resistive which doesn't mean slow and laggy but
could mean you have to press hard.
* Android2+ be sure it isn't android 1.6. 1.6 will run fine on the
tablets but it doesn't have anything new or interesting.
* Battery life and sleep. The thing should survive with the screen off
for a reasonable time. Ensure this.
* Processor: you want something 300mhz or better and be sure to do
research. They lie all the time.
* Video: ensure they can smoothly play video. Not all can SMOOTHLY do it.

So these are the reasons why they aren't ipad killers, rarely does
anyone produce a tablet that actually fulfills everything here. And
remember a tablet is about ergonomic computer use, it's supposed to
conform to us, not us to it.

These devices are fine if you want to code for android.


p.s. please send me any other interesting replies you get.

On 12/15/2010 07:00 AM, arocker at Vex.Net wrote:
> There have recently been some advertisements http://tinyurl.com/25tx8fx
> for Android tablets with ARM processors at very reasonable prices, (<
> $200). The obvious question is whether there's anything wrong with them
> that makes a fire sale necessary?
> Memory and storage are on the small side; 256MB and 2GB respectively, and
> quoted battery life isn't all that brilliant, but it seems tempting to get
> one for familiarisation and research. Has anybody any experience with
> these things, (or the supplier)?
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