[tpm] [Fwd: The Upcoming Dynamic Language Smack Down]

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Thu Dec 9 10:33:32 PST 2010

I'm going to be representing Perl at a GTALUG meeting (unless someone else
wants the job :-)* ).

If anyone has any suggestions they would like to make about the points in
the notice, please let me know.

The meeting notice follows:

We are about six days away from the **Dynamic Language Smack Down** at the
upcoming GTALUG meeting (14th December, 2010 at 7:30pm).

We are going to start things off with a quick five minute introduction to
your programming language.

We would like you to describe your languages programming syntax by showing
us a pre-made demo of code. This is my example

Then we will have the following panel questions:

* How does your language access functionality from C libraries?
* How does your language deal with modularization of common functionality?
* How does your language handle scalability issues?
  * Applications that require many concurrent threads of execution?
    * How does the language interact with threading?
    * Does it offer other models for managing concurrent processing?
  * Applications that require loading large volumes of code?
    * Parsing and compiling can be expensive; is there a precompiled form?
  * Applications that process huge volumes of data

* If your dynamic programming language was not available, which of the other
  dynamic programming language would you recommend?
* What is your languages biggest bug, problem, or limitation you are facing
  * How are you going to solve it?

* What's the "sweet spot" for your language?
* Where can I find more information about your language?
* What kind of community is using and support your language?
* What **local** community is using and supporting your language?
* What language features are notable and interesting?
* What notable applications are using the language?

The address of our meeting is:

Room GB248, Galbraith Building, University of Toronto
35 St George St
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G8
University of Toronto

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