[tpm] Writing to STDOUT in batches

Indy Singh indy at indigostar.com
Mon Dec 6 07:41:15 PST 2010

The followig code works for me:

open (OUT, "|sed -n '1,2p'");
print OUT "Line 1\n";
print OUT "Line 2\n";
print OUT "Line 3\n";
close OUT;

This will print out just the first 2 lines and not the third.

Indy Singh
IndigoSTAR Software -- www.indigostar.com

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  I have the following code in a loop:

      open(OUTFILE, "$cmd >> myfile"); # append write 
     print OUTFILE content();

  The $cmd is a complicated sed command. For simplicity purpose, let's say it is 

    | sed -n '10,20p' 

  I.e., printing only lines 10~20 of the content of each loop. 

  My goal is to write to STDOUT instead of a fixed file. I tried to change the above open statement with

     open(OUTFILE, "$cmd >-");   # write to STDOUT


     open(OUTFILE, "$cmd >>-");   # write to STDOUT

  but didn't get any output. 

  Anyone can help me here? 

  BTW, in case you wonder why the open statement is in the loop -- if I don't do it this way and open outside the loop instead, I'll  get the first 10~20 lines only from the first loop.




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