[tpm] Data retrieval

Indy Singh indy at indigostar.com
Fri Aug 13 12:29:40 PDT 2010

If you have a desktop system, you could connect the drive to one of the 
IDE connectors on that.  Most desktops have a 2 to 4 IDE connectors.  If 
you all IDE connectors are occupied, you can temporarily unplug one of 

You don't even have to take the time screw it in properly, just leave it 
hanging loose.  The only work is to open the case.

Indy Singh
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> I want to pull some data off a Linux filesystem on a 40GB IDE ATA-100 
> 2.5"
> laptop drive. (Assuming that the drive wasn't the cause of its host's
> sudden loss of function.)
> Before I try to hunt down an external case/adaptor, does anybody have 
> such
> a thing lying around, or know of another way of making it talk? I'd 
> rather
> buy someone a beer for a one-shot extraction than have the find the
> hardware and have it gather dust afterwards.
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