[tpm] Flexible scheduling scripts

Viktor Pavlenko vvp at cogeco.ca
Wed Sep 30 16:15:44 PDT 2009

>>>>> "SW" == Stuart Watt <stuart at morungos.com> writes:

    SW> Kartik Thakore wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> After building an arsenal of Perl scripts to ease my work load
    >> I am looking for a way to schedule this perl scripts. When I
    >> say flexibilty I would like to be able to change a text file
    >> the scheduler is running against and not have to restart the
    >> scheduler.

    SW> It might be worth looking at TaskForest
    SW> (http://www.taskforest.com/), which is a Perl scheduler and
    SW> claims to do a lot of this. We did look at this, as we needed
    SW> some of this functionality, but (a) we were using Windows
    SW> mostly, and (b) we needed to run things in parallel with
    SW> dependencies, so we ended up crafting a different approach. It
    SW> may be worth looking into, though.

I wish I could publish the code I wrote for my company (some 2500
lines of dense perl) but my request to release it under GPL is still
in the air. Before writing it myself I did look at what's available
out there ... nothing is. TaskForest is pathetic, SOS is terribly
complicated and buggy.

Kartik, your approach is good, just add more features as you need


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