[tpm] September 2009 - Lightning Talk Lineup

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 19:42:45 PDT 2009

I'm amazed... and thank you.  Given the slow start, the
final number of submissions this year has been impressive.

Given the number of talks we have scheduled,
and the true meaning of lightning talks,
everyone will be getting their allotted FIVE minutes.

In no particular order, our agenda will hopefully be:

Fulko Hew        - Kevorkian'ing VMware
Dave Doyle       - Padre: A Perl IDE... in Perl!
Antonio Sun      - An Introduction to Virtualization
Olaf Alders      -  T.B.D.
Kartik Thakore   - SDL Perl
Scott Elcomb     - IP/Copyright Legislation
Alan Rocker      - The Unix Philosophy
Quantum Mechanic - DBM::Deep
Quantum Mechanic - Facebook Word Twister
Geoff Flarity    - Google::ProtocolBuffers
Michael Graham   - Generating test data with Test::Sims and
Michael Graham   - Model-based authorization with Catalyst, DBIx::Class and

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