[tpm] Playing MIDI notes using Perl?

Abuzar Chaudhary abuzarchaudhary at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 15 08:14:42 PDT 2009


Does anyone know how to play MIDI notes using Perl on Windows?

I'm using Win32API::MIDI and in the example, they're using these hex codes to turn notes on and off:

These hex codes, where can I find a spec for them?  I've been googling and going through the microsoft website for hours (which the perldoc recommends), but I can't find anything.

All I want to do is play music notes.  Is that too much to ask for? With Commodore, it was really easy.  Like this:

play "CDEFGAB"

How difficult can this be?! As time goes by, programming gets worse :(


p.s. Please, no elitism, like I should be using Linux instead, or I'm not RTFM, or I'm too dumb (I already know that).  Thanks.


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