[tpm] Glob problem

Mark Fowle mfowle at navicominc.com
Fri Oct 23 10:27:00 PDT 2009

If I remember correctly. Globing is done by the shell. Some remote file
systems are mapped by the OS, like SMB mounts, others are little more
than glorified FTP connections and are not mapped.

I think the general solution is to read the directory into a perl data
structure and act on it there instead of trusting the OS to handle
globing as expected.

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I'm having a problem with a glob statement.

It is perfectly valid, and returns expected results when applied to a
local (Windows) directory, but fails to match similar filenames in a
remotely connected directory.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

(I haven't had time to determine the precise mechanism of the remote
connection, but I believe it is supposed to look like a drive.)

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