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Sun Nov 29 08:01:32 PST 2009

Their website:


You can do online reseverations but they do follow up so you might as well

Looks like that have 18 beers on tap including their own microbrew: Twisted
Kilterale Dark.  The menu appears different but I don't recall is being
spectacular to start with so any changes are probably for the better.


dave.s.doyle at gmail.com

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 6:13 PM, Mike Stok <mike at stok.ca> wrote:

> On Nov 27, 2009, at 8:07 AM, arocker at vex.net wrote:
> > The consensus seemed to be for Dec. 17th., at the same location as last
> > year, but as it was a small subset of the membership, we're still
> inviting
> > suggestions.
> If nobody speaks out on the list to push for a different location or date
> before Wednesday then I'll go ahead and see if we can reserve some space at
> the Twisted Kilt (thanks for the heads up about the name change Dave) for
> the evening of Thursday 17 December 2009.
> My initial guess for the number of people is 12.  Could you reply to the
> list if you think you would make the social if it was at the Twisted Kilt on
> the 17th?  That would help me refine my estimate.
> Mike
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