[tpm] Single thread Perl 5.8.8 vs. Multi-threaded Perl 5.10.1

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Hi J. Bobby,

My company uses Perl scripts to upload ASCII text data files into Oracle. The uploads happen on a system that can handle up to 32 threads. So multi-threading is still of massive time benefit even though we had to have numerous threads to overcome the initial decrease in performance from single to multi-threaded Perl. The uploaders currently run with up to 12 threads as the benchmark study showed that more than that had very diminished returns for our system setup.


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I can't think of many situations where multi-threaded perl would be beneficial.  I can understand if you were trying to make a Perl/Tk application appear snappier, or have it do graphics (animation) and accept input simultaneously.. but would there be other, more common situations where multi-threaded perl would be considered?
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> If you want high performance, you may find it easier to use
> processes with some form of IPC rather than relying on Perl threads.
People will keep trying to get the application level to do the OS's jobs.
Unfortunately, threading seems to be a problem even the OS people haven't
solved yet.

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