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Peter Szirmak pszirmak at mapador.com
Sat Mar 28 04:43:54 PDT 2009


Just for the record, I am not sure what you are referring to. My email
listed an email and phone number, along with a website that describes what
we do. I reckon that's  about enough when the only avenue you can write to
is a 'webmaster'. Please get real.

I suggest your group creates a better defined avenue if you intend to
facilitate potential job opportunities to come through. If, as your email
suggests, there are members in your group who may be looking for
opportunities, your gating process may be quite counter-productive. An
aggressive reply from a hotmail account? The only reason I am replying is
that I believe that this approach does not represent all your members.

If there is anyone interested in actually finding out what opportunities
exist, let me know. If anyone is turned off by working for a company whose
website is with Networksolutions (yes, from Virginia), I can't help.




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Can we give this person the boot please from the list, thanks.
Thanks to annon for this :)
"an unlisted #, and the website registered to an address in virginia ?
is this place legit??"

If anyone is looking for Perl work and got the xml/xslt or does Java let me


From: alexmac131 at hotmail.com
To: pszirmak at mapador.com; webmaster at to.pm.org
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It helps a great deal if you post your actual address some place, its even
missing from the website.
The first thing I look at is money. Second,is the location of the job.
Also when doing business with a company I always find it fishy when the a
company hides their address from myself as a client or as an investor.


From: pszirmak at mapador.com
To: webmaster at to.pm.org
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 10:15:10 -0400
Subject: [tpm] Contact


We are a dynamic, Toronto-based IT company looking for strong, cool guys to
grow with us. If you have any members interested, please forward contact /
resume to me. 



Peter Szirmak

Mapador Inc.

Tel: +1 416 481 4554

email: pszirmak at mapador.com






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