[tpm] Next Meeting Thursday 26 Mar (tomorrow!) - Two talks: Harbinger and Lispy Perl

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Wed Mar 25 21:12:41 PDT 2009

Somebody should ustream this... I'd love to see this but am out of town..


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 10:53 PM, Michael Graham <magog at the-wire.com> wrote:
> (These details are also on the TPM web site: http://to.pm.org/)
> The next meeting is Thursday, 26 March (tomorrow!).
>    Date:   Thursday 26 Mar 2009
>    Time:   6:45pm
>  Speaker:   Abram Hindle
> Topic #1:   Harbinger: Making your desktop sing with the help of Perl
> Topic #2:   Lispy Perl
>    Cost:   Free!
>   Where:   2 Bloor Street West (NW corner of Yonge/Bloor, skyscraper
>            with the CIBC logo on top) Classroom 11 on the 8th floor
> Description:
>  ===================================================================
>     Talk 1:
>     **** Harbinger: Making your desktop sing with the help of Perl
>     We use a variety of user interfaces during our day to day lives,
>     but what if software you were familiar with suddenly started to
>     sing?  Imagine stealing events from your spreadsheets, your
>     simulations, your office tools, your editors, even your
>     video-games. Could these events make music?  Could the delay and
>     reload of a Quake 3 shotgun come out as gong sound?  Could the
>     machine gun in Quake3 be converted into an piano roll?  Could the
>     frantic scratching of the eraser in GIMP produce beats or the
>     shudder of crystal?  With Perl, C, your favorite sound
>     generator/player and your exciting or mundane everyday software,
>     you too can turn your office or desktop environment into a
>     noisemaker.  We present to you Harbinger, a Perl based musical
>     event middle man. Harbinger is built to massage events streamed
>     from other applications into musical events for software such
>     CSound, Pure-Data or hardware attached to your midi ports!
>     Talk 2:
>     **** Lispy Perl
>     Ever thought of making another language? Ever thought of
>     compiling that language down to Perl?  Do you like s-expressions?
>     Do you like lisp or scheme? Did you ever want to program in Perl
>     in with a different syntax altogether, yet still integrate with
>     Perl? In this presentation Abram will demonstrate how to abuse
>     Perl's SourceFilter such that you can make it parse a whole new
>     language, generate and compile that code and language down to
>     Perl Code and execute it.  Why not? Perl has closures, Perl has a
>     garbage collector, it might have an attitude problem but throw in
>     a couple of parentheses and you've got yourself a flexible
>     alternative syntax in which to express ideas. Even better, if it
>     compiles down to Perl, you can interact with Perl directly. We'll
>     deal with design issues, little quirks of Perl and abuses which
>     make developing a language in Perl easier.
>  Note:
>    The elevators in the building are "locked down" after 5:30pm
>    to people without building access cards.  Leading up to the
>    meeting someone will come down to the main floor lobby every
>    few minutes to ferry people upstairs.
>    After 19:00, you can reach the access-card-carrying guy via
>    a cell phone number that we'll leave with security in the
>    front lobby.  The room and floor numbers will be left with
>    security too.
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