[tpm] Abstracts for the March 26 TPM Talks

Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.us
Sat Mar 7 20:26:42 PST 2009

As I volunteered for the March talks here are the abstracts for the 2
parts of the talk I plan to give:

Talk 1:
**** Harbinger: Making your desktop sing with the help of PERL
We use a variety of user interfaces during our day to day lives, but
what if software you were familiar with suddenly started to sing?
Imagine stealing events from your spreadsheets, your simulations, your
office tools, your editors, even your video-games. Could these events
make music?  Could the delay and reload of a Quake 3 shotgun come out
as gong sound?  Could the machine gun in Quake3 be converted into an
piano roll?  Could the frantic scratching of the eraser in GIMP
produce beats or the shudder of crystal?  With Perl, C, your favorite
sound generator/player and your exciting or mundane everyday software,
you too can turn your office or desktop environment into a
noisemaker. I present to you Harbinger, a PERL based musical event
middle man. Harbinger is built to massage events streamed from other
applications into musical events for software such CSound, Pure-Data
or hardware attached to your midi ports!

Talk 2:
**** Lispy Perl Abstract
Ever thought of making another language? Ever thought of compiling
that language down to PERL?  Do you like s-expressions? Do you like
lisp or scheme? Did you ever want to program in PERL in with a
different syntax altogether, yet still integrate with PERL? In this
presentation I will demonstrate how to abuse PERL's SourceFilter such
that you can make it parse a whole new language, generate and compile
that code and language down to Perl Code and execute it. Why not? Perl
has closures, Perl has a garbage collector, it might have an attitude
problem but throw in a couple of parentheses and you've got yourself a
flexible alternative syntax in which to express ideas. Even better, if
it compiles down to PERL, you can interact with PERL directly. We'll
deal with design issues, little quirks of PERL and abuses which make
developing a language in PERL easier.

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