[tpm] TaskForest

Viktor Pavlenko vvp at cogeco.ca
Mon Feb 23 13:24:59 PST 2009

>>>>> "SB" == Shane Boyce <Shane.Boyce at gennum.com> writes:

    SB> Hi Viktor,

    SB> Let me know if anyone replies to you. I'm also interested as I
    SB> have some web pages (Perl CGI scripts) that take longer to
    SB> crunch their output than a web browser will wait for them
    SB> (depending on amount of information a customer asks to
    SB> crunch). So converting those tools into scheduled background
    SB> jobs that can be planned with user status and subsequent
    SB> results retrieval once done would be very useful indeed!

Well, I couldn't even get it installed... I used CPAN module to
install it under my home directory (I don't have root access on this
machine, perl is a bit outdated too, 5.8.5) but it pulls in tons of
other modules and some of them won't install. So I gave up I think.

There is another free product (no perl though),
http://www.sos-berlin.com/modules/cjaycontent/index.php?id=62&page=osource_scheduler_introduction_en.htm but the concepts (and configuration) are a bit too complicated.


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