[tpm] canadian telecommut job openings

Uri Guttman uri at StemSystems.com
Fri Aug 21 12:01:39 PDT 2009

hi all,

i have 2 job openings with an strong interest in canadian perl hackers
and even a stronger interest in quebecois hackers. yes, i know toronto
is in ontario but you are still canadian and that is good for this

below are the job requirements. please send your resume to
uri at perlhunter.com in pdf or plain text. repeat NO
WORD/redmondware. yes, i get that all the time even when i say not
to. and yes, i can read them with OO but this is a little mental
test. :)

the jobs are telecommute, full time and salaried is preferable over
contracting but either is possible. if you know anyone (especially
quebecois! :) who would be interested in these jobs, please send them to

pay is from $60k-$85k canadian DOE and possibly more for very qualified



Perl/Catalyst/Web Programmer

Required Skills:
* B.S. degree, or equivalent experience, in Computer Science
* 3+ years of industry experience in Software Development
* Proficient in Perl
* Proficient in web applications based on MVC design
* Solid understanding of unit testing and continuous build loop based
  development methodologies.
* Knowledge and experience with RDBMS, SQL, and DB-based applications
* Effective verbal and written English communication skills.
* Strong analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills including:
  excellent problem solving, planning, prioritizing, sound judgment and

Desired Skills:
* Familiar with the Catalyst web application framework.
* Familiar with creating and maintaining CPAN modules.
* Familiar with REST based design
* Familiar with Subversion and Trac

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