[tpm] job posting rules

Uri Guttman uri at StemSystems.com
Thu Aug 20 10:16:37 PDT 2009

>>>>> "RD" == Richard Dice <rdice at pobox.com> writes:

  RD>     i am curious about the job posting rules for this list. i know other
  RD>     list have rules like jobs need to be sent to someone for vetting first
  RD>     (boston) or there is a separate jobs list (london). anything
  RD>     (un)official i should know about?

  RD> I believe the culture we've built up over the past few years is
  RD> that job postings are okay as long as they're civil, on-topic
  RD> (i.e. have to have something to do with Perl), and informative. 
  RD> Informative means that they include a description of the company
  RD> involved and the kind of work you'd be doing.  (Postings for
  RD> companies afraid to share their names often get flamed.)

  RD> There is no separate-list or prior moderation needed.

sounds good and i will deal with them just fine. note that i am an agent
(perlhunter.com) and won't post company names as that is private but i
will be accurate about job descriptions and such. i do have something i
will post later today aimed at canadians specifically so i wanted to
send it to this list.



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