[tpm] Richard's aborted presentation for tonight

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Thu Apr 30 11:13:45 PDT 2009

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 2:07 PM, John Macdonald <john at perlwolf.com> wrote:

> I think we can get an idea of the subject matter that would have been in
> Richard's "surprise" presentation tonight (before he got ill) by looking
> at the newest article on use.perl.org:

Nice guess, John, but that wasn't it.  I'm sure I would have mentioned
something about it tonight, if I were (still) a big bag of sick.  But
really, what I wanted to do was show off NCI (native call interface) in
Parrot by intergrating a big C++ library into Parrot, and making it
available from Rakudo.  Basically, the Parrot equivalent to XS for Perl 5.

Another month, I hope. :-)

 - Richard
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