[tpm] Talk volunteer... not for today though

Dave Doyle dave.s.doyle at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 12:21:17 PDT 2008

Well... despite my message asking about the meeting it looks like I'll be
unable to attend tonight.

However, if we're running into a shortage of talks, I can volunteer to put
something together about Moose for next month or whenever after.  After my
lightening talk and continued hacking on Moose::CAP I've learned a lot more
(and realized some stupid mistakes in what I was doing) and can probably
help others get a start on things.

I can also do more on what I've done with Moose::CAP.  I've actually applied
for a PAUSE id to upload it to CPAN.  I've actually renamed it Sanguine
(provided the PAUSE admins accept me and approve the new namespace).  I've
also incorporated CGI::Application::Plugin::Forward (sorry for stealing
Michael... but I give credit!), CGI::Application::Plugin::Redirect (I'm not
sure if Cees is on here... but I've stolen from him in other places too) as
well as incorporated a stash and TT.   I've also ported:


to Moose roles using different patterns depending on the needs of the plugin
which could be of interest.

So if any of that sounds of interest, let me know.


dave.s.doyle at gmail.com
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