[tpm] buffering problem on input from shell command

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Sun Mar 9 19:41:04 PDT 2008

John Macdonald wrote:
> The problem will be that the output is being buffered by the program 
> that is writing the data you are trying to read.  That program collects
> a full buffer of data before it writes it out into the pipeline.  No
> matter how fast you read the other end of the pipe, you can't read the
> parts that are still in the other programs buffer and not yet written
> - unless you have access to the code of that program to set its output
> buffering to unbuffered.

In my case, I've tested by running the same command on another shell and 
the output was instant. In fact, it's by DBus's design that signals get 
sent ASAP, so I am not sure that the program is buffering in this case.

Is there any way in particular I could test for this?


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