[tpm] Careeer Opportunity

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Fri Jul 18 09:15:51 PDT 2008

"I have recently come across this user group during my search"

So you did, I apologize then.

Please be aware though, many of us are systems administrators as well as 
perl programmers. Dealing with spam is something of a "big deal", so 
sending an email to a large number of specific users on the mailing list 
gets people's radar going.

What you should have done, for future reference, is to find out who the 
owner/moderator of the mailing list is and contacted them directly. Ask 
that person what the ML's policy is on job advertisements and how you 
could proceed. It shows that you respect our group.

I still stand by the statement that you should really take the time to 
see what projects each of us has done and sent content-specific emails 
to each of us. It would certainly take more of your time, but I suspect 
you would have gotten a *much* more positive response.

For the record, I am CC'ing this reply to the mailing list; partly to 
make my appology public and to continue this thread, which started 
publicly, in a public manner.


PS - Spell checking your subject line is a good idea, too. ;)

Jack Ponte wrote:
> Wow...didn't expect that sort of feedback. I'm sorry for disturbing your
> day. I have no idea how that e-mail was deceptive in any way  I CLEARLY
> stated that I came across the user group (obviously online) and gave you the
> opportunity to find out more about the opportunity I have on hand by
> contacting me directly. How is that deceptive? It's obviously a PERL
> opportunity......
> What does "I would skirt this guy, personally" mean???? 
> Please understand that I like you, am just trying to do my job and earn a
> living. I meant no harm and I do apologise again for disturbing your busy
> day.
> Keep well!
> Jack Ponte, ACIR, CIR
> Recruitment / Executive search
> BullsEye! Human Capital Solutions Inc.
> 416.575.4434
> jponte at bullseyehc.com 
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> Subject: Re: Careeer Opportunity
> Jack Ponte wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My name is Jack Ponte and I am a recruitment/HR consultant with 
>> Bullseye! Human Capital Solutions Inc. I have recently come across this 
>> user group during my search for a Perl developer.
>> Maybe some of you might be a suitable candidate for a position that I am 
>> currently trying to fill.
> This guy sent me a very similar message back in February. When I asked 
> him *where* he came across my name, he had no answer.
> I'm fine with head hunters. I am *NOT* fine with deceptive head hunters. 
> I would skirt this guy, personally.
> To Jack:
>    Please give us some credit. If you really want to fill positions, be 
> straight up and either spend some time looking at what each of us has 
> done and reference that in individual emails *OR*, at the very least, 
> say that you came across our group and are looking in general for people 
> who want work in Perl.
> A jaded Madi
> PS - Message he sent me in Feb., for reference:
> Hello,
> My name is Jack Ponte and I am a recruitment consultant with IQ Partners 
> Inc. I have recently come across your contact information online and I 
> feel that you might be a suitable candidate for a Perl Developer 
> position that I am currently trying to fill.
> If you are interested in discussing this matter in further detail, 
> please send me an updated copy of your resume and an appropriate time to 
> contact you. If you are not able to entertain this opportunity for what 
> ever reason, I would appreciate your referring me to any other 
> candidates that you may know with your similar background.
> I look forward to hearing from you.

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