[tpm] Damian Conway in Toronto tomorrow (Wednesday) to present one of his high-end IT showsmanship talks!

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> > Subject: [tpm] Damian Conway in Toronto tomorrow (Wednesday) to present
> one of his high-end IT showsmanship talks!
> >
> > *Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming in
> > Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic
> > Parallel Timespaces... Made Easy*
> >
> Ok, so I'm trying to imagine what this talk could be about,

... snip ...

When the title was announced I tried looking up the non-obvious words,
like quaquaversal which was defined as 'turned in whatever way'.

So putting all those re-definitions together...
my interpretation would be:

Temporarlly                 In the context of 'flowing time'...
Quaquaversal                with observations from many viewpoints...
                            how to...
Virtual                     simulate (because they don't exist yet)...
Nanomachine programming     programming nano-machines...
in                          that (could) exist in multiple ...
topologically connected     parallel universes (simultaneously working)...
Quantum-Relatavistic        that can inter-communicate (in zero time)...
Parallel Timespaces         in a time-asynchronous manner...
Made Easy*                  for mortals (ie. anyone other than Damian)

Personally, _I_ think this is the 2nd volume of his
quantum superposition talk. (was that the 'Mars bar' talk?).

Especially when I consider what Richard was talking about regarding
addressing/working-with Intel and Perl based software support of the
next generations of CPUs that require 'simple' parallel programming
techniques to make effective use of them.

Remember the motivation behind the 'quantum superposition' library
was to make Perl programing easy on quantum computers...
well these next gen chips with 10,000+ CPUs on them will effectively
look like a quantum computer, so we need to be able to deal with it.

And this is how!

Perl really is still on the fore-front.
We just have to figure out how to convince the rest of the world...
that Perl is there first... best... easiest...
and 'where its at' !

... Or I'm wrong and the talk is really about aardvarks?  ;-)

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