[tpm] I love this list! (was: Re: Regex question - Solved)

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Tue Jul 8 09:03:06 PDT 2008

   So many people replied so quickly, thank you all!

   I should have been more clear; '$foo' is set further up; I set in 
manually for this email only.

   I've got this working (real-world where I want two variables):

my ($bar, $baz)=$foo=~/(\w+-\d+)-(\d+)/;

   May I extend the question?

   How would I go about working with '$1', '$2', etc if I wanted to do 
something odd, like say (totally fabricated, broken example):

my $bar="$2 - $1"=$foo=~/(\w+-\d+)-(\d+)/;

   Again, thanks all. This list rocks, if only because of the enthusiasm 
shown for code optimization (of course, for more reasons, too!).


Madison Kelly wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I've got a simple problem I often come across, and I've got a way to 
> make it work. However, I've always felt there must be a more ... elegant 
> way of doing it.
> For example, let's say I want to copy a variable and strip a bit off the 
> end;
> my $foo="ABC-987-01";
> my $bar=$foo;
> $bar=~s/(\w+-\d+)-\d+/$1/;
> # $bar now 'ABC-987'.
> That's three lines. Is there a way to do this in one line? Specifically, 
> is there a way to assign '$1' to a new variable in one go?
> Thanks!
> Madi

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