[tpm] Tomorrow's meeting (was Re: Hi!)

abram hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.us
Tue Feb 26 13:02:08 PST 2008

Do you have projector access? Why not try to do a spur of the moment
round of lightning talks? Just a few slides, or diagrams on the board, 5
minutes talk 2 minutes discussion in a FIFO manner?

Surely the audience has enough problem, ideas, projects they want to
either discuss of pump/push.


Indy Singh wrote:
> Totally agree.
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>         There should be a meeting tomorrow, but I haven't yet got the
>         announcement out.
>         We don't have a speaker scheduled, but we typically hang out and
>         discuss tech things for an hour or so and then go get some food and
>         beverages.
>         What do you folks think about doing "social meetings" when we don't
>         have a speaker scheduled?  Instead of booking the room, we just
>         meet at
>         a restaurant?
>     I like the idea of meeting (even without a topic) in the classroom
>     -- we can draw things on the whiteboard, hook up laptops to the
>     projector and generally take as much space as we need. It's also
>     good for latecomers, if any -- they know that they can come up to
>     the classroom and join in. If we skip the classroom, people arriving
>     late might not know how to find us.
>     My two cents. :)
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>     Alex Beamish
>     Toronto, Ontario
>     aka talexb

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