[tpm] Today's comic at xkcd !

Adam Prime adam.prime at utoronto.ca
Fri Dec 19 07:57:10 PST 2008

Cees made a surprise appearance.  We learned that one should not order 
key lime pie from the Bow & Arrow, and that you can't get nacho's that 
are any good in Australia.  So i guess it was a fairly successful evening.


Richard Dice wrote:
> Wow!
> You _know_ I'm going to use this in a presentation I give some day. :-)
> Cheers,
> - Richard
> PS   Apologies about not being at the December social meeting last 
> night.  Baby care issues erupted.  No parents were harmed in the making 
> the film, fortunately, but it did throw my schedule into the trash heap.

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